SWEEPはとても強くかかるように設定していますのでCUT OFF COARSE と連動して調整してください。

SUSUTAIN 音の立ち上がりからの減衰時間の設定

SENSITIVITY  TRIGGER(トリガーにプラグを差し込むと本体の内臓トリガーはOFFになります。)の入力感度の調節です。

LFO.F はフィルターへ、LFO.OはオシレーターへのLFOのかかり具合を調節します。


RESONANCEは最大で発振し、CUT OFFで音程が変えられます。



This is a synth drum with a built-in self-oscillating VCF.


It is equipped with a wideband oscillator and has a strong SWEEP effect.


You can create various tones by tapping on the body or with an external trigger (sequencer or piezo).


The oscillator has a thicker sound from highs to lows, and the waveform can be selected as TRIANGLE or SAWTOOTH.


SWEEP is set to be applied very strongly, so adjust it in conjunction with CUT OFF COARSE.


SUSUTAIN Setting of the decay time from the onset of sound


SENSITIVITY TRIGGER (When the plug is inserted into the trigger, the internal trigger of the unit is turned off) is to adjust the input sensitivity of the SENSITIVITY TRIGGER.


LFO.F controls the amount of LFO applied to the filter and LFO.

LFO.O controls the amount of LFO applied to the oscillator.


FINE is a finer pitch control for the oscillator than COARSE.


The RESONANCE oscillates at maximum and the pitch can be changed with the CUT OFF knob.

It can be powered by either a center minus 9V DC or 9V battery.



self-oscillate VCF with CUT OFF and RESONANCE

VCO  triangle - sawtooth waveform

LFO.F    LFO level for VCF

LFO.O    LFO level for VCO

CV IN.F  cvin for  VCF

CV IN.O  cvin for VCO

SENS.     sensitivity for trigger to synth-drum




FORM  waveform of LFO

RATE  rate of LFO

NOISE   level to VCO


runs on DC9V negative center or a 9V battery.

25500 yen


Copyright(C) 2014 JMT SYNTH. All rights reserved.

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