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こちらのフォームからご注文、お問い合わせを承っております。 hotmailはこちらからのメールを受信できないことが多く、できればhotmail以外からご連絡お願いします。



②Paypal  ③クレジットカード1回払い



Please use this form to place an order or contact us.

Please check your PC mail settings to receive mail from us. Hotmail and Outlook can't often receive email from my address.Contact me using your email address other than Hotmail or Outlook.

If you order, please also enter the product name, the shipping address, postal code, and phone number.

The power supply adapter is not included.

Import taxes vary depending on your country's customs, please check on your own.

Please email me directly if you don't receive my reply within 24 hours.We would appreciate it if you could then send it to us using a different email address.Because some addresses cannot receive emails from us.

Otherwise send me a message on Istagram.

Email address . Please use an email address ecept hotmail or outlook. I will not be able to send you any e-mail to those addresses.

 Please use an email address ecept hotmail or outlook







ご注文はCONTACT/ORDER ページからお願いします。在庫ページ以外の商品は製作期間は1週間から10日程度です。

Please place your order from the CONTACT/ORDER page. Production time for items not on the Stock page is from 1 week to 10 days.

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