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発振器はレンジの広いVCOに、SUB VCOをLEVELで調整して入力できます。

VCO と SUB VCOはそれぞれがお互いに複雑に影響し合うように設計していますので微妙なつまみ位置の組み合わせで幅広い音が作り出せます。

MODEスイッチでSUB VCO とVCO の接続がより複雑になり、どの程度入力するかをLEVELつまみで調整することでも違った波形変化を付けられます、


CV INから他の機材のCV OUT(シーケンサーやアナログシンセ、モジュラーシンセ)などを入力しVCOに変化を与えられます。CV IN は3.5mmジャックです。



I designed a very complex interplay between the two oscillators, using two different oscillator circuits with different circuit configurations, and two different waveform conversion circuits attached to each. The output is then routed through a circuit that I developed from the SNB-2b, which emphasizes and distorts the bass, mids, and treble, and which I tuned to work well with this oscillator.

Fine-tuning of circuit part values was performed to obtain a sound with depth as well as intense distortion by fine-tuning the knobs.

The circuit and function are the same as SNB-3.


This runs on DC 9V negative center or a 9v battery.


Noisy analog synthesizer oscillator with distortion function that can emphasize HI, MID, and LO.

The oscillator can be input to a VCO with a wide range and a SUB VCO adjustable by LEVEL.


The VCO and SUB VCO are designed to affect each other in complex ways, so a wide range of sounds can be created by subtle combinations of knob positions.

The MODE switch makes the connection between the SUB VCO and VCO more complex, and the LEVEL knob can be used to adjust the level of the SUB input to create different waveform changes.


By fine-tuning the LEVEL, SUB, VCO knob, you can create a variety of sounds by emphasizing high, mid, and low frequencies.


The CV IN jack is a 3.5mm jack. OUT PUT 6.5mm

28800 JPY


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